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Marriages Enriched

We guide you from surviving to thriving.

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You’re not alone

This may be an unfamilar territory, but we’re here to guide you.

We’ve all experienced it; miscommunication, incompatibility, anger, separation, and ultimately divorce in marriages. We want to offer a way to break the cycle by offering a retreat center, a place of refuge for couples to come and be restored in their marriage.


How it works?

Step 01


Schedule a facetime or zoom free coaching session – we want to hear from both of you.
Step 02


We will guide you based on what we hear.
Step 03


Take the online Marriage Check-up – review your current status.
Step 04


Schedule a weekend at the Marriage Refuge (typically Friday night through Saturday evening) to work on your Check-up report.
Step 05


The Marriage Refuge costs are covered by donations and we ask that you prayerfully consider supporting the ministry as you participate with us.

In 2 days at the retreat, walk away with...

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Rachel and Ross may not have struggled had they attended our couples’ weekend.

  • Practical & Simple Marriage Tools

    During our time together, we will provide you with practical exercises and tools to guide both of you into a thriving marriage.

  • A Healthy Plan

    You will leave with a practical guide to visualize and implement what a healthy marriage looks like. You will start living it out!

  • Check ins & Accountabilty

    We want to guide you with accountability check-ins, to see how you are doing and provide adjustments as needed.


Rachel and Ross may not have struggled had they attended our couples’ weekend.>


Because you can reduce your risk of divorce by 30%.

High Value
Preparing for marriage is important, so important that it has been found to reduce the rate of divorce by 30%. Premarital coaching and education are investments in your future, investments you shouldn’t risk to pass up. This is marriage after all!

Easy Process
Using a personalized assessment at the beginning of the premarital journey we will provide you with a clear view of your relationship. This tailored approach will allow you to get to know yourselves on a deeper level.

Contact us for dates and times for our next premarital class.


Meet Your Team

Married 44 years while coaching 100+ couples

Mark and Karen Stevens served in the local church as leaders of various ministries for over 40 years. Karen was the pastor of the women’s ministry at the Rock Church – teaching and coaching thousands of women over the past 18 years.

Mark was the Executive Pastor of Rock Church and has an MBA in business management from Pepperdine University and has also run various private and public companies.


Begin your journey to happy & healthy marriage!

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